Compositions paying an hommage to the constructivism art movement of the early 20th century. To explore a new space in street photography, to take the mundane and put it on a wall, that is the focus of this series. The photo—graphics always work only within the original frame of each photograph, while introducing a new dynamic and a new story. Several photographic series using this approach have been created for print and exhibitions in 2017 and 2018.
Featured in a book Sutnar Shapes. Red dot award winner 2018.
Devils of Saint Nicholas
Festivities break out all around the Czech republic on December 5th. While tame in the rest of the country, in the far east magnificent creatures come out of hiding for a single day to accompany St. Nicholas (origin for Santa Claus) on his travels throughout each village. Well behaved children are rewarded after reciting a poem or singing a song, while the bad ones are hunted and put in the devil's burlap sack to be dragged to hell. The costumes depicted in these photographs pass down through generations, with some being over a hundred years old. 
3D mock-up of a gallery installation.

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